Contributing to Mozilla

Contributing to an open source project has always been my dream. Mozilla Firefox, being the web browser that I myself used made me think “Why not contribute to Mozilla?”  This thought had sown its seed in my mind long back and germinated as time passed. I started to do some research on the pre-requisites for the same. Initially when I knew nothing about contributing, I only had the curiosity – “How the source code of a fully-functional web browser actually looked like?” It was this that made me get the source code. After having a local copy of the entire code, I just browsed through the large number of folders staring blindly at the .js and .cpp files wondering if I will ever be able to understand such large amount of code (Of course, even now I have very little idea about the files entirely. I guess it will take years to thoroughly understand the working of all the files.) So with this mindset, the ‘mozilla-central’ folder on my hard drive lay untouched for months.

Until one day… was June 29, 2012, when I first stumbled upon Bugs Ahoy!  I managed to find a bug and contacted its mentor David Rajchenbach-Teller [:Yoric] through email. He responded to it quickly and suggested that we talk on IRC. And from then onwards my journey in contributing to Mozilla began….I still have got lots to learn and will continue to learn while contributing to Mozilla…..Today on the account of Mozilla being 15, I have shared my story. Thanks a lot Yoric for getting me started! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Contributing to Mozilla

  1. Hi Abhishek!

    Glad that you managed to start working on some bug. Beleive me, my position now is same as you specified in your first paragraph ! OK.. Just checked a bug which seems understandable but am puzzled how I could find its mentor.

    Can you help? Can you also blog. when you’re free, about the process from ‘the day you discovered the bug’ to ‘the day the fix was released’ ?

  2. Hi shashank16392,

    Thanks for expressing your views here! 🙂

    I suggest you join the IRC channel #introduction on moznet[0]. There will be many developers there to help you out. Just state your problem on that channel, and someone will surely help you out.

    There is also a channel of the Mozilla India Community named as #india. You can join it and ask for help there too.

    I will be available on the IRC, my nick is abhishekp.

    I am including a few links for you. They may be of help, if you have not already visited them. 🙂

    Sure, I would love to blog about it ! Currently I am a bit busy, but will definitely blog about it,when I get time.

    Hope this helps. Happy Coding ! Have Fun ! 🙂

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