Now Host HTML Web Pages on Google Drive

Hi Friends, I am writing after quite some time now! I recently stumbled upon this news(have also tested it) and decided to blog about it! So here goes….

Now you can host your HTML web pages on Google Drive, yes you read it right! Google Drive that allowed storage and editing of documents and files now also supports hosting of HTML pages.

As a proof of concept, Google has itself hosted the instructions (to host HTML pages) in an HTML page on Google Drive itself. You can find it here:

I will not repeat those steps again here, as it will be unnecessarily redundant. You can visit the above link and follow the steps, but there is some thing that I would like to add and I am sure, you will like it!

The link of the hosted page looks a bit ugly with the large hash as the folder name, but there is a way to make it look a little aesthetic.

You can use this:

Note: Unlike other link shorteners like or, GDrives masks the folder ID, so visitors always see your alias.

Here you have to enter the folder id (the ugly hash) and think of some unique but human readable name for the folder and you are done. This will not only make your link more human readable but also make it short.

Mind you, the link provided for making the URL look aesthetic (GDrives) is not related to Google, but its service is what matters to us.

So thats all folks, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead!


Your views on this.....

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