Webmaking with Mozilla at XIE, Mumbai

‘Webmaking with Mozilla’ – a Webmaker Workshop was conducted by me at Xavier’s Institute of Engineering, a prominent educational institute in Southern Mumbai, on Saturday, August 8, 2015.

Me with the Participants

The workshop saw a whooping participation of around 80 students, in spite of Saturday being a holiday for the institute. Most of the students were freshmen and were keen on learning about Open Source and the Web. The participants began filling in around 9:30am, and by 10:00am, we had a full house.

My Presentation during the Workshop

I started the workshop with a presentation introducing the concept of Free and Open Source Software to the students. I talked about the history of FOSS and the inception of Mozilla. Having briefed the students about Mozilla and its mission, I also touched upon the various Mozilla projects. Further I introduced the students to the Webmaker project and its tools –  Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn Maker and Appmaker.

A Group working with Thimble

The presentation was followed by the hands-on session starting with Thimble, followed by other Webmaker tools. Due to a limited number of laptops being available, groups of 10-12 students were formed, with each group working on a laptop.

Students during the Workshop

Giving the students ample amount of time to explore each tool, I introduced all the 4 tools, one after another. The students, enthusiastically explored the tools and came up with some really cool makes by the end of the workshop.

Me with a group of students

I maintained a etherpad page for the event to keep track of all the makes, during the workshop.

The following are the makes that the students came up with, during the workshop:

Thimble Makes:

  1. https://jadhavdevendra7.makes.org/thimble/OTk3NTg5NTA0/meme-maker
  2. https://shreedhar14.makes.org/thimble/MTA2NDY5ODM2OA==/tdkr
  3. https://sabihmomin.makes.org/thimble/MTA0NzkyMTE1Mg==/sabih-momin
  4. https://chinmay7.makes.org/thimble/MTA5ODI1MjgwMA==/maker-party-event-reporter
  5. https://grw007.makes.org/thimble/MTIxNTY5MzMxMg==/para-para-animation-teaching-kit
  6. https://venom69.makes.org/thimble/MTExNTAzMDAxNg==/venom69
  7. https://dj44.makes.org/thimble/LTE3NzA2NTExMzY=/uttarakhand-himalayan-tragedy

X-Ray Goggles Makes:

  1. http://akki-0202.makes.org/goggles/akki0202s-remix-of-google
  2. http://venom69.makes.org/goggles/venom69s-remix-of-tushar-adivarekar
  3. http://akki-0202.makes.org/goggles/akki0202s-remix-of-google-2
  4. http://sabihmomin.makes.org/goggles/sabihmomins-remix-of-google
  5. http://chinmay7.makes.org/goggles/chinmay7s-remix-of-home
  6. http://hacksmasher.makes.org/goggles/hacksmashers-remix-of-apple-iphone-6-plus-128gb-summary-of-13-expert-reviews-from-across-the-web-alternatives-phonecurry-india
  7. http://hacksmasher.makes.org/goggles/hacksmashers-remix-of-meizu-m2-note-16gb-summary-of-2-expert-reviews-from-across-the-web-alternatives-phonecurry-india

Popcorn Maker Makes:

  1. https://chinmay7.makes.org/popcorn/36mp

Appmaker App Makes:

  1. https://stimulating-yam-642.webmak.es/app
  2. https://scarce-wax-532.webmak.es/app
  3. https://adaptable-lunch-877.webmak.es/app

Students during the Workshop

I held pop quizzes throughout the workshop, awarding the participants with Mozilla buttons, lanyards and wristbands. After having worked with all the tools, I took a quick poll from the students on the tool they found most interesting. The popular opinion was X-Ray Goggles. At the end of the workshop, we had a group picture as a remembrance of this wonderful event.

Students enjoying Webmaking

I would like to thank Krishna Rohila, the Chairperson of Computer Society of India Student Chapter – XIE branch and his entire team, for helping me, during the course of the workshop. It was a great experience for me teaching webmaking to the students. Hoping to conduct more such events in the future!


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