About Me

Hi Friends ! My name is Abhishek Vilas Potnis. I am pursuing my MTech. in Geo-informatics and Natural Resource Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.  I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Mumbai, India.

I am a Mozilla Representative. I code contribute to Firefox; and sometimes help improve the MDN Documentation. I love evangelizing about Mozilla and spreading Mozilla mission’s of keeping the web open and in the hands of the people.

 I love being on my computer for hours – that could be programming for fun or watching movies or just chatting with friends on Facebook. I am passionate about web-development. My coding areas include HTML5, CSS3, javaScript, PHP, MySQL, JSP, Java and C++.

I have taken up blogging for fun. Its great to have your thoughts, expressions or whatever other stuff you like, documented on a web site for others to read.

So that’s all folks, thanks for reading this, Have a good day ! 🙂